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My name is Adeyemi from Ajah,I contacted this company sometimes ago around January 2019  for Toyota Camry 2008 with the 50% down payment and I signed their agreement form in their office and they delivered My car in February 2019 toward ending.

My name is Mathew from Lekki, I made inquiry toward a Toyota Camry 2004 for my wife and after they have delivered, I requested also for Toyota Highlander 2010 for myself and Toyota Highlander 2004 for my father in-law and am glad they delivered though It came more than the expected time but I was still happy.

My name is Kalu from Abuja, I bought my Toyota Rav4 from this company and they delivered it for me after 45 days, It was fixed because it was a slightly dented at the back but when they delivered it ,I was amazed so I have recommended few friend to them.

Am Jude I bought Toyota Camry 2016 from them but the only issue I had was the charge in the clearance and when I contacted them they explained the reasons why they should pay reasonable duty to the Nigeria custom , I made the payment myself and my car came out on time from the port, When they knew I was not happy for paying additional clearance, They helped me registered my car for free.

My name is Engineer David, I bought Toyota Camry 2007 and I came to Lagos myself to pick it and I paid the balance as soon as I saw the car myself in their office.

My name is Ovie, I connected with this company around December 2019 for Ford Explorer 2014,I sent the money without even coming to their office and they brought my car to the port in which I engaged my own clearing agent as my brother is into clearing.

My name is Gbenga I live in the Ogun State, I bought Toyota Highlander 2012 from this company and I will be taking delivery by May 2020, The delay was as a result of my inability to settle them fully and I have promised to do the needful

My name is Onaolapo, I just made a request for RX330 2004 from this company and am waiting patiently for delivery though some documents has been sent to me, I will update as soon as I get delivery.

My name is Mrs Adun, My husband bought Honda Accord 2007 for me through this company sometimes last year October 2019 but the car started giving me issues and I immediately contacted them in which they took it out for check up and it was discovered that the Engine oil was dried at the time of delivery and further inquiry shows that it was my driver that drove it to us even when they have instructed him to buy engine oil. But eventually they took the responsibility of fixing it and as I write now I am really enjoying it.

My name is Abraham from Akure,I bought Lexus Rx 300 2003 from this company. I will keep recommending them in future for one reason their state of communication really make sense and this gave me a sense of belonging.

My name is Rose I work for this company as a marketer and I can assure the general public that they are genuine and they are really helping  a lot of people to get the car of their dream.

I have read a lot of their article on daily newspaper and I will forever recommending them for anyone that will like to buy car and since they will pay me  commission .


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