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Car Shipping Service In Nigeria

It doesn’t just stop at winning and buying a car off auction, the shipping service in Lagos must be carried out to convey the car to your desired location. The shipment process shall be discussed in steps below to create a better understanding of how it works and for you to be able to make a choice.

Step 1 – Ground Transportation Process by Truck (Trucking)

This process is also known as road or land transportation and it is employed in the hauling of cars from their current pick up locations to the shipping port or warehouse. The cars are transported on an open trailer, low bed or enclosed truck to the exit shipping port or warehouse depending on the price of each truck the trucking company is quoting. The cost of using an enclosed truck is much higher than others. The price of trucking is also affected by the distance from the pickup location to the shipping port or warehouse and this simply means that the farther the car from the shipping port, the higher the price of trucking.

Car Shipping Service in Lagos

Final estimated price for trucking will be communicated to the Buyer during the process. Awoof Cars Auction uses qualified drivers approved and licensed by the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration with an insurance coverage for the transportation of the vehicles.

Step 2 – Transportation by Sea

Once the car arrives at the shipping port, the next phase will involve choosing the appropriate and desired method of conveying the car on the ship to its destination in Nigeria to either Apapa or Tincan Port. For this, there are certain methods that can be adopted and they shall be extensively discussed below.

Method 1 – Roll-on/Roll-off Shipping Method (RORO)

This method of shipping is widely accepted and used by most shippers because of its simple, easy and fast handling operation. All types of wheeled cargo such as automobiles, trailers, trucks, etc are driven on and off the Vessel or Ship. These ships or vessels are designed to load this type of self-propelled, towable or forklift cargo. It is pertinent to note that for shipment by self-propelled RORO, the car needs to be in a very good working condition. Where the custom in USA detects any damage to the car or any reasons why the car should not go on Roro, an additional fee will be paid for the car to be shipped via towable or forklift RORO shipping method.

Method 2 – Container Shipping Method

This is regarded as one of the safest car shipping methods. These shipping containers come in standardized shipping sizes and dimensions. Depending on the amount and your choice of preference, the car can be loaded on a single use container or a consolidated container.

A single use container is used in the shipment of a particular set of cargo by a buyer. This type of container shipment saves time and stress for the buyer although more expensive than the consolidated container shipment method. On the other hand, a consolidated container is a cheaper container shipment method whereby more than one buyer put funds together to pay for the cost of customs clearance, ocean freight and port charges for the particular container. This type of consolidated container shipment takes quite some time because each buyer has to wait for other buyers to fill the container with their cars before the container departs. For consolidated shipment, the buyer will have to make an upfront payment of at least 60% of the clearance fees to be demanded by the Nigerian Customs when the car arrives. This is because of the fact that any delay of clearance payment by one of the car buyers will affect the clearance of other cars in the container. Its simple but estimated time of sailing will depend on the availability of other cars.

Step 3 – Clearance

When the car finally arrives into Nigeria Port in either Tin can or Apapa, the buyer will be notified and it will be cleared by the Nigerian Customs Service after all necessary fees are paid. We advise all our clients to allow us to prepare down what is called custom valuation to ease the process of clearance and to be able to get a low value as that determines how easy the process flows. Over time we have realised that some clearing agents will go as far as getting an outside valuation to deceive their customer in order to make more money while the car will come out but Nigeria Custom on the Highway will not let the  car go if it is discovered that it is (under paid duty). We  implore our clients to allow our company to handle their clearance so that they can have rest of mind while driving outside Lagos.

Step 4 – Delivery

We will notify the buyer once the car is cleared to come and take delivery of the car at any of our designated locations in Lagos or they can send their driver with an authority letter and government recognised identity card.

Kindly note that our Terms and Conditions apply to all transactions.

The reason why you need the best shipping service in Lagos is straightforward but finding the right service provider is not easy. To help you with the same, here’s the blog that tells you why Awoof car auction is the right choice. Not only we help you send the package to Nigeria from the USA but even become the cheapest shipping partner who is just a click away.

Regardless of whether you need an expedited service to Lagos or economy delivery to Abuja, being the best company for Car Shipping Service in Nigeria, we will assist you with our price comparison services to find a bearer and services that fit your timescale and spending plan.

What amount does it cost to transport a package to Nigeria?

The expense of transportation to Nigeria relies upon the size and weight of your bundle and what level of administration you require. Yet, our limited rates will assist you with downplaying your conveyance costs.

At the point when you get a quote with us, you’ll be offered a decision to express and economy services, custom-fitted for the size and weight of your package. As a reliable shipping service in Lagos, we will give you transporting statements to Nigeria from a scope of bearers, including DHL.

The quote can be availed for free and you don’t have to enlist. For a snappy statement, essentially enter the heaviness of your bundle into the statement bar at the highest point of this page to begin looking at costs.

At a progressively exact cost, if you don’t mind utilize our transportation, adding machine and enter the weight, measurements and goal subtleties for your package.

Awoof Car Auction feels immensely proud to offer the cheapest shipping service in Lagos. Not only our rates are discounted but also give fair competition to the competitors. If you wish to get our services or know more about them, All you have to do is connect with us right away. You can easily acquire the contact details from our website. We assure you that our services will not delay the delivery of your package.


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