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Ocean Transportation

At Awoof Cars Sales Services International, we ensure at all times that your vehicle is effectively delivered to the nearest American warehouse in New Jersey (NJ), Georgia (GA), Texas (TX), California (CA) etc.

A typical 40-foot container can hold up to four (4) vehicles and if a Client is shipping a full container-load, the container will be loaded as the vehicles are received at the warehouse. Our Clients will be provided with a container number which the Client can use to get an updated position of the Client’s cargo. If the Client is shipping a single vehicle then it will be consolidated into a container with other vehicles and loaded as soon as all the other vehicles arrive at the warehouse. Consequently, as soon as the container is fully-loaded, the container will be transported to the nearest exit port and loaded onto a vessel the following week.

RORO: Your vehicle will be delivered directly to the exit port in NJ, MD, GA, FL. On Arrival of the vehicles at the exit port, the title/ownership and accompanying documents are submitted to U.S. Customs Officials for the requisite verifications and approvals before the container is then loaded into the Shipping vessel.

Please note, NJ customs are overburdened due to very high volume, and delays are not uncommon. Should a delay be prolonged, the vehicle will be loaded onto the next vessel with available cargo space.

Most RORO vehicles to Nigeria are shipped with Grimaldi/ACL Shipping Vessels. Grimaldi has a first-come and first-served policy and it is not rare for a vehicle to misses the first available vessel due to a lineup cars already waiting at the port. From experience, our Nigerian Clients prefer the use of Grimaldi due to its unrivalled safety and easy receipt of their vehicle in Lagos where Grimaldi has its own terminal.


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