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Who is Awoof Car?

Awoof Car Company is an indigenous auction company situated in Nigeria to assist middle class and Nigerian to buy car from United State through their secured auction platform at affordable price. Not only that but making sure the car customer buy from them are clean and engine damaged free.

How much is their services charge?

Our service charge is N100, 000 Flat irrespective of the car year and model you are buying from them.

How long does it take to deliver?

It basically takes 35 days but we do add additional 5 days with it because of logistic in clearance and that make it 40 days guaranteed from the day of purchase and payment.

When do I get my car shipped if I buy?

Your car will be shipped as soon as the car get to the shipper, booked for shipping and meet up with the shipper shipping standard and good news is that our shipping is first come, first serve through Grimardli or EMS and other shipping line depending on the availability.

How long does clearing takes?

Clearing take just two days if we start the clearance process as soon as we have the shipping documents but if we do not start the clearance on time due to customer instruction, Then it will take up to 5 days

How do I bid?

You cannot bid, but you will have to engage our service because you need a license to bid. So what you need to do is to go an register on the website and one of our representatives will call to book an appointment with you and they can run you through the simple process.

How do I know the car am buying is okay to buy?

Before we buy any car we must have certified it through our reliable contact in USA and we can’t proceed until the contact gives us the go ahead. Please we will never buy any flood car for you no matter how cheap it look like and any client that want such flood car will have to write us and send us an authority letter to proceed.

Where is your office located?

35B Abisogun Leigh, Ogba at the back of excellence hotel.

What is the guarantee of my deposit?

The guarantee you have is that we will deliver and we don’t make away with people’s money as we believe in referrals.

Can I send payment to auction myself?

Yes you can do that as you can request auction account details with the buyer number but due to the fraud perpetrated by some Nigerian we do findings about the source of the money you are sending. You can only send money to them through your own account and not third party account as we have a strict compliance on that.

Do I need to come to your office to fill form?

You don’t have to come except you just want to come and know the office and see the face of the people you are dealing with, if not you don’t have to but you can go online and click  ACCEPT our terms online.

How much is the security deposit?

Our security deposit is 180,000 or 10% of your total budget. Please note that this deposit is refundable if you choose not to go ahead or change your mind.

Can I ask for my deposit if I don’t want to deal again?


Can I get a car less than 1 million Nara?


How do you ensure the custom paper is complete?

100% because we will request for the valuation from custom direct, Please note that any car you buy through us will come out with a genuine custom paper.

Do you accept cash deposit?

Yes but it just only security deposit but any amount more than 150,000 will have to go through transfer to our company account. Please note that all payment will have to go through our company account and not to anyone personal account. Please note than anyone that patronize themselves as our company representative will have to show course that he or she is actually emanated from our company and you need to make inquiry by calling the head office .

What if I don’t get my car, what do I do?

You will definitely get your car, if you show consideration.

Can I pay on installments?

YES, You can pay for buying and trucking which is 50% and we will pay the rest 50% while you pay us on delivery or when you see your documents or car, Please note that you can clear the car yourself by getting your own clearing agent if you desire to do so. It not compulsory that we must do clearing for you.

Can you deliver outside Lagos?

Yes, but it attract extra charges depending on the location. We will agree on that as soon as the car comes as we use the MOBILE POLICE to deliver and we need to pay them.

How do I buy a car on Awoof Cars?

Log on to our website search our inventory for your desire car, click on the car and and click on the “Bid Now” button on the car page. Fill in the form and leave the rest to us.

Who do the clearing?

Awoof cars do all your clearing and papers work.

How much do I pay?

Awoof Cars allow you to pay 50% down payment on your choice of cars. We thereafter do the shipping on your behalf and get balance payment on delivery.


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